Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet – your guide to a clean carpet

Whether in families or single households, you will find them everywhere! There is talk of carpets. For many people, the carpet is still the preferred floor covering because it creates a cozy ambience. So it is no wonder after a certain time that accumulate dirt residues in the carpet. But you do not always need a special carpet cleaner. In some cases home remedies like steam cleaning are enough, without any chemicals. Sometimes, however, you have no choice but to buy a new carpet or to use carpet cleaners. Regular vacuuming helps, but it cannot remove any dirt.

In everyday life, carpets are heavily used because you are constantly in contact with them. Not all residents or visitors take off their shoes and bring the dirt on the carpet. But even everyday faux pas like crumbs or spilled juices put a carpet very much. Here you will get all sorts of tricks and helpful tips to get your carpet clean again.

How much time does a thorough carpet cleaning require?

If you have decided to clean the carpet thoroughly, you should plan some time because no matter whether with professional carpet cleaner, or with proven home remedies, it depends here in particular on the degree of carpet pollution. Of course, in the well-stocked trade there are also detergents to buy, which are without any chemistry and fulfill their service. The fastest solution is the so-called carpet cleaning home remedy, which includes the above-mentioned aids baking powder and glass cleaner spray. If the carpet has not been properly cleaned for a long time, it often has coarse soiling, which definitely takes 1 to 2 hours to clean.

Just dab carpet stains and do not rub

Stains on the carpet should be removed as soon as possible. Best if they are still fresh. The super all-purpose agent does not exist. Every stain and carpet is different. Often carpet home remedies are not enough. On every fresh spot you should put a thick hand over it and let soda water run over it. The liquid of the pollution pulls into the towel. Do not rub or rub, just dab!

Do not treat carpets with steam appliances

If you use soap when cleaning the carpet, make sure that the soap is completely washed out, as otherwise it will bind future dirt particularly stubbornly. In general, one should not treat stains with steam devices, as these burn the stains only in the carpet tissue. Alternatively, a carpet cleaning machine should be considered as it has been specially developed for cleaning a carpet.

How do you clean a natural carpet?

Carpets made of natural materials such as wool should be treated very gently. These carpets can only tolerate water, mild soap or wool detergent. Before any carpet cleaning, of course, the color fastness should be checked. Worst case, this can lead to color differences. It is best to first try on an inconspicuous spot how the carpet reacts to the agent.


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