Essential Deals for the Right Mortgage

The idea of ​​buying your own or new housing sooner or later visits each of us. Young people have a need to live separately from their parents, family couples need to expand living space for a new child, older people want to change the situation and move to a quieter area.

How to buy an apartment and at the same time remain financially sound? We offer the tips on how to take a mortgage and live peacefully. The mortgage broker Geelong gives the best entry there.

We study interest rates

Do not rush to take the first, it would seem, profitable loan. Study the proposals of several banks. The minimum interest rate for banks today depends on many factors. So, for example, the offer for new partner buildings is valid only until December 31, 2017 and only for apartments in houses under construction from certain developers. Becoming a participant in this action, we immediately save 2%. At the same time, the reduced rate is valid for the entire term of the mortgage loan.

Remember that you can apply for a mortgage at an attractive rate for a bona fide buyer (with a good credit history) online.

 We save time on registration of the transaction

The buyer of the apartment now does not need to visit Rosreestr or MFC to register the contract with the developer. If you do everything in electronic form, then the time for processing the transaction is reduced from 7-9 days to 1 day! For example, in the Savings Bank or the office of a developer partner, a specialist will prepare and send documents to Rosreestr electronically. But the main bonus you get in the form of a decrease in the mortgage rate by 0.7%.

We use maternity capital

This form of state support can be taken into account as an initial contribution for a housing loan, for example, under the program “Mortgage plus parent capital” . This will significantly reduce the size of the initial installment when registering a home mortgage loan. And if the child you are born after the registration of the mortgage, the parent capital can be made to repay the principal.

Do not forget about tax deduction

Any citizen of Russia can receive from the state 13% of the amount paid when buying real estate. This is called the tax deduction. The amount of property tax deduction, provided when buying an apartment, will be 2 million rubles. Do not forget to apply to the tax office in a timely manner, so you can return up to 260,000 rubles from the purchase of the apartment, and up to 390,000 rubles from the interest paid on the housing loan.


We do not allow delay

From the first month of loan repayment clearly observe the terms of the contract – make monthly payments without delays. This is important, because following the agreement with the bank, you create a good credit history, and next time the bank can offer better credit terms.

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